Local Street Cars and Sleepers
         in the Memphis Area
'72 Chevy Powered Ford Bronco
HOT ROD Magazine's "Crusher" Camaro
Mike's Merlin Lite 540 cu Big Duke Engine.
440 BBC with oval ports and Top Gun nitrous plate
Bill Thomas's '68 Chevelle SS 396
Mike Flick's '70 SS 454 Chevelle
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Mike Flick's '70 Chevelle SS 454 with a Merlin Lite Big Duke 540 cubic inch pump gas engine. This car will see a few different engines and testing is on going. It is currently naturally aspirated. Interior is stock with racing seats. Front suspension is stock and rear suspension is Hotchkis control arms with after maket coil overs added. Current best is 10.47 seconds @ 128 mph.
This is Billy Thomas' car, a '68 Chevelle SS 396. It has a $1200 440 ci BBC and runs 10.70s on the spray. It weighs 3800 lbs. and has a stock interior with some added gages. Front and rear suspension is stock.
'65 Chevelle
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EFI Conversions and Other Related Stuff
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Ghost flames are barely visible
Stock RS/SS interior
Mark Turner's 69 Z/28 RS/SS
Mark Turner's 502 ci EFI engine
Mark Turner of Nashville owns this outstanding example of a modernized muscle car. This '69 Z/28 RS/SS replica has a F.A.S.T. fuel injected aluminum headed 502 crate engine with A/C and a N.O.S. Powershot dry nitrous system. It looks and drives beautifully with plenty of power on command. The paint job incorporates faint burgandy ghost flames on the front end.
67 SS Camaro side view
Jeffco 4 speed shifts the power
Robert Eubanks '67 SS Camaro
Robert Eubanks 434 ci SBC
Robert Eubanks of Memphis owns this beautiful '67 SS Camaro replica that is meticulously detailed from front to rear. It runs 9.50's at 145 with 9 inch tires and an all aluminum 434 c.i. SBC and it's naturally aspirated. Shifting is handled through a Jeffco 4 speed. This car is awsome.
Stock Z/28 interior
15 year old paint job done by Robert Wooley
Daryll Butler's of Memphis has an outstanding '73 Z/28 Camaro. It has a 502 crate engine. This car is also well restored and the 15 year old paint job looks like it was done yesterday. It runs consistand mid 11 second quarter mile times and it too can be driven anywhere.
Daryll Butler's '73 Z/28 Camaro
Daryll Butler's 502 ci BBC
Roger Cherry has this outstanding example of a Shelby Cobra replica. Attention to detail was paid by Brian "Cruze" King of Nashville when building this clean machine. Effort was made in many areas to replicate as much as possible the originality of a Shelby Cobra. The engine is a 427 side oiler, the rear is independent Jaguar, the bumbers, seats, ect. are close to the real thing. What a nice ride.
Tracy Whitney of Memphis has this fine example of a Memphis "Sleeper". This '66 Chevy II retains most of the stock features and incorporates drive train upgrades such as the Ford 9" rear end, ladder bars, Chassis Works  front end and the 447 c.i. SBC. On 9" slicks it has run a 5.90 @ 119 mph at the Jackson Drag Strip on two stages of Top Gun nitrous power which is equal to around a 9.20 quarter mile e.t. Traction is a problem though and Tracy is in the process of mini tubing his car.